My Story

“In short, mine is a tale of a sinner who found the grace of God and never let go.  It is my passion to build the kingdom of Jesus and invite the peoples of the world to enjoy it.”


Life is about serving.

Over the course of my walk with Jesus Christ, I have learned some things about myself.  I am a person who finds joy in seeing the spiritual growth of others, and consistently find myself relating to people on that level.  God has also shaped me to be sensitive to the giftings among a group of believers and the path forward that utilizes those giftings.  Some call this leadership and exhortation, but I prefer to see it as a passion to serve.

 Early on, as a child in a ministry home, I learned the connection between faith and practice as the mark of a true Christian.  As I came to know Jesus as Savior, our relationship deepened, and I was challenged to serve in ministry.  By the time I was seventeen, I had made a life commitment to serve in whatever capacity Jesus put me.  Since that time, I have had many unique ministry experiences, including working in small group minisrty, pastoral counseling, foriegn missions, motivational speaking, marketing, preaching, teaching and even film making.  And in all these I have seen the hand of God drawing people to himself.

 In 2009 the time had come to formalize this educational process by pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.  This has been one of the most rigorous and humbling processes of my life as I wrestled with integrating many aspects of doctrine into a single understanding.  I now have the tools to spend the remainder of my life mining the depths of God’s truth and sharing the discoveries with the world.

 I’m currently employed as an executive pastor at Hansville Community Church.  This is my home church in a distinctive community in Washington state.  As I was completing my MDiv, they sensed a need for my skill set and stretched to be able to bring me on staff.  It has been a wonderful experience to be able to work with my church in this capacity.  I’ve led them through re-branding, organizational streamlining and a vision process, as well as directed the men’s ministry and preached often.  

 In early 2018, HCC’s senior pastor resigned.  I’m functioning, along with the family pastor, as the interim leadership.  As a result I’ve picked up the responsibilities of visitation and preaching every other week.  The church is required by the bylaws to perform a search for a new lead pastor; a process with an outcome that’s not certain.  In any case, the church has decided that once a new lead pastor is selected, they can only afford two full-time pastors on staff.  Which means there’s a chance there may not be room for me on staff.

 As I look to the future, there are endless possibilities for what God will do through the ministry of people dedicated to his love.  I’m looking for a group of people who know the love of Christ and earnestly desire to share it with the world around them.  If you share this desire, then please review my resume and pray for God’s leading about us working together.